Seabrook Police Officers Association

Seabrook's police officers report for duty with one mission: protecting you. We have our officers' backs so they can focus on having yours.

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Group of Seabrook police officers

Our Mission

Our members are the experts in public safety and work with one mission: to protect the Seabrook community. There is nothing more important to us than the relationship between a community and its law enforcement officers. We strive to be a force for good in our community:

both on and off duty.

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About Us

When Seabrook’s police officers put on their uniform and report for duty, they do so with one thought in mind: the community’s safety. The law enforcement officers of Seabrook work day in and day out to carry out their oath of protecting the community. Our members aren’t just a part of Seabrook when they’re working. We aim to build relationships by sponsoring local citizens and businesses in need, donating to area events and programs benefiting children, and answering the call for children in need in our area.

We’re also keenly aware of how our organization can positively impact the lives of our law enforcement officers when they’re in need. When an officer needs emergency assistance due to an injury, family matter, or any other issue, we’ll be there to help. We also sponsor officers in need of training or equipment that isn’t budgeted or approved by the employer. Our organization has our officers’ backs, so they can focus on protecting yours.

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