President's Message

Your hard-working Seabrook police officers put on their uniforms and report for duty each day with one thing on their minds: protecting you. You deserve to be kept safe by the very best police officers in the business, and we diligently work to uphold that mission of excellence in public safety.

At any hour of any day, your Seabrook police officers are doing their part to keep you safe. When you need help, your officers will be there in the blink of an eye to protect you and your family. When Seabrook's police officers aren't out on patrol, we're constantly training to make sure that we represent this great community with the very best police officers in the industry.

After we've completed our shifts, your officers are still looking for ways to help our community. As we ramp up our philanthropic efforts through the Charities of Seabrook POA, we're excited to give back to our neighbors, as well as our hard-working police officers. Our charitable organization aims to support our neighbors, fellow police officers, and the community as a whole.

We humbly thank you for entrusting each of us with protecting you, and every one of our officers takes our oath seriously. Everything we do as police officers supports our mission of protecting you, and we thank you for the opportunity to keep you and your family safe.


Jennifer McGee

Jennifer McGee

Seabrook Police Officers' Assocaiation