Supported Charities

When we're not patrolling the streets of Seabrook, our members are constantly looking for ways to give back to our community. As we ramp up our philanthropic efforts through the Charities of Seabrook POA, we're excited to give back to our neighbors in Seabrook, as well as our hardworking police officers.

We strive to support our neighbors on a case-by-case basis if they've fallen on hard times and are in need of monetary assistance. Along with random acts of kindness for our residents, we're looking to donate to local charities, sports teams, and other organizations who are looking for support. Our charitable organization also aims to give back to the brave, selfless officers who serve our community. We strive to support our police officers with training and equipment, and support the department through team building exercises. It's also our duty to support local police officers in need.

Please consider donating today, and help us achieve our goal of assisting our neighbors and police officers in any way we can.

People at outdoor event
Officers at a Coffee with a Cop booth
Officers and people with many bicycles

Serving our Community